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Throughout the time I spent in creating this painting, which spanned over a period of almost two years, so much has happened in my personal life. I found it interesting in how the painting developed as I grew as a person and that’s why this painting is so dear to me.

With Marshmallow I want to remind you that no matter what life throws at you, what kind of people cross your path and how battered and bruised you are from life, that there is still good in the world.

Her face reminds me of a fairytale princess, like Cinderella and this brings forth the sense of a childlike innocence. I enjoyed juxtaposing this with her tattoos and the textured background which is reminiscent of some of my own scars from self mutilation.

Her tattoos, to me at least, are almost like her battle wounds. I say this because when I’m usually done with a tattoo session, I feel like my body has really been through it and I actually feel tired and just over feeling pain for hours on end!

But even though she might be feeling this way, she still has hope for the future.

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