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ARTIST VLOG #2 Becoming a PRO ARTIST | Create your own brand

Welcome ARTIST VLOG #2 Becoming a PRO ARTIST | Create your own brand! So the reason why I started creating art vlogs was because I want to document my artist journey and also just add some of the highlights of my week. I just recently quit my job and i’m now a full time artist. So I want to share with you what I learn along the way and hopefully help some of my fellow creatives!

The main thing I was focusing on this week was branding! As an artist it’s important to have your brand because people start associating you with a certain style of painting or a certain colour palette or font and this is good because when they start recognizing you they’ll be like: “hey, I know that girl! Let me check out what’s new on her instagram, maybe she has some cool new art!” It’s important to make sure that your followers remember you, because guess who they’ll consider buying from when they are thinking of a gift for their friends or family? The person who they are constantly reminded of!

So that’s why i decided to start building my brand. Building your brand is not as complicated as it sounds. All it means is that you need to have a basic colour palette, two or three colours you like and a logo and to make sure that all your social media and websites are congruent with these colours and with your logo.

But, before I did anything, I did some research for a couple of months to find out what my followers actually like more. The way I did this is i posted different kinds of styles of images on instagram and i checked where i got followers and with what kind of pictures people started unfollowing me.

Based on this, I decided my brand colours, as well as my logo. So once I was ready to start building my brand properly, the first thing I did was jump on you tube to find some diy lightroom presets which I can recreate on my phone so that I can have my own unique filter to use on instagram and everywhere else I will post.

You also want to be careful with these because you don’t want to adjust your picture so much that your paintings look nothing like in real life! What I did was, I chose a subtle filter which i then adjusted so I can actually keep posting my art without adding a filter and then still having a filter on all the other pictures I post and still have it all match! You can just search for lightroom preset filter in diy if you’d like to try this out.

I then also use Unum, an app which allows you to plan your content ahead to make sure that your feed looks good as a whole on instagram!

Next, I designed my logo. You can find people online to do this for you for pretty cheap, but I just used Canva for this!

I also created a brand new youtube intro as you might have noticed! The way I did this was to take a whole bunch of pictures and then put them all together in imovie so it looks like they’re moving.

I still have a bit of fine tuning to do here and there, but that basically took most of the week, but it was so worth it because now I don’t have to do it again, it’s done and everything is ready to go!

Now I can focus a bit more on painting in the following week!

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