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Are you truly an artist?

are you truly an artist?

This was a question that really stuck to me for a good couple of years. I always felt that everything I did was never good enough and can not truly be called “art”.

So I went and asked one of my favourite communities on reddit, Artist Lounge, what they think. This was their response:

They appear to be artists of sarcasm, but they do have a point. Most people consider true artists to be passionate but poor. But I don’t believe this has to be the case.

Are you truly an artist? If you fit in one or more of the categories below, you’re truly an artist.

How do you feel when you aren’t creative for a while?

Ask yourself what happens when you don’t paint/ draw/ use whatever mode of delivery it is that you use when you’re creative. For example, when I don’t paint for a while, I become obsessive… over anything. For an entire year all I wanted to eat was peanut butter. My friend even bought me a jar of peanut butter for Christmas that year. It was glorious. Other obsessions also involve organising, cleaning, etc. When I start painting, my life is balanced.

Do you find yourself becoming restless or anxious when you aren’t being creative?

Drawing on the balcony. Photo by obsidian_odyssey

You always seem to come back for more

Have you ever tried to quit your craft, but then you just find yourself coming back for more? This is because your practice usually feels like home to you. It is where you are the most comfortable.

The fact that you’re asking

The fact that you’re doing some introspection on whether or not you’re an artist, is a big sign that you are one. Most artists, especially at the beginning of their careers, have had imposter syndrome.

Just remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to become an artist.

You’re annoyed by your full time job

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated at work because you feel that you should be spending that time to be creative instead? Congratulations, you are truly an artist! Artists generally feel that their purpose is to create and frustration can occur when something interrupts this.

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